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Customer satisfaction is very important for any business that wants to operate in the long run; however, it is not easy as sounds. Various factors contribute to the satisfaction of customers in the service industry, but the quality of service delivered by the employees in touch with customers is the most important one. Their interaction portrays a very important image of the business, and the quality of services offered has much meaning to the customers. As much as many of the employees in an organization get in touch with customers, only field service officers establish face to face contact with customers after sales have been made.

  • How field staff increases customer satisfaction?

There are numerous ways through which the field staff members can increase customer satisfaction, and a business needs to ensure it is proficient in this all the time. The first aspect that determines the ability of field staff to satisfy customers is the ability to deliver quality services to customers. The second aspect is how to treat the customers, this plays a major role in promoting the image of the business, with regards to this, they should be trained on how best they can approach customers, and deal with their complaints.

  • How a business can increase the delivery of quality services by field staff?

It is challenging when one has to do something they are not proficient in, if possible, the business should have staff that specializes in various fields, as this is what promotes service delivery.  On the other end, they should have enough staff because overworking leads to low quality work. Staff should also be encouraged to promote service delivery by a business through upholding good etiquette when handling customers, field service can be very challenging, especially when handling clients who get annoyed or angered quickly. Patience is of great value when handling such customers.

  • Essence of field staff in customer satisfaction

Customer staff has a lot of information about customers that other departments can use to improve the overall performance of a business. There should be proper ways of obtaining information, analyzing, and employing, for better business performance. These staff usually records the complaints of customers before they handle them, and this enables them to provide a personalized service. This means that, if customers are happy with the services of a particular staff, they would always prefer dealing with them whenever there is a need. Field staff is responsible for customer satisfaction through the provision of quality services.

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