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We often see employees hustling and jiggling to record and manage claim their reimbursements. Many a times it happens so that they forget to claim for a certain amount which was spent while they were attending or serving a call. Claiming expenses is one of the major task for both the field staffs and the field staff managers. This usually happens when the field staff is either closing a call, completing a call or while they are travelling. Therefore, it is very important to have a good expense management software that can easily help the field staff to update, edit, modify or upload an expense or claims.

The field staff must be able to use this expense management software either on the web and or using mobile. With the help of mobile phone applications and web applications, the field service staffs can now can easily claim their reimbursements. Managing reimbursements, recording them and claiming them has become simpler for the field staff.

The mobile expense management software can be used by the field staff for entering the expenses and claim details while they are commuting to the customer’s place. Similarly, web application can be used by the administrators and the field staff managers to update or claim the expenses. Moreover, once the field service staff has requested for their claims, the field staff managers and the administrators immediately get a notification about the claims made by the field service staffs. The field service manager can either approve or reject the claims. The field staff managers can also schedule the payments to be made to the field service staff with a click of a button using the mobile expense management software. Thus, with the help of an easy and simple to use mobile and web applications, the field staff can make their claims and payments.

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